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Wen's Keys | Family List | Zingiberaceae

Caulokaempferia K.Larsen

General: Root fascicled

Leaf: shape: oblong, lanceolate

Petiole: present, absent

Bracts or bracteoles: more flowered or 2-ranked and subtending 1 bracteole and 1 flower, 1-flowered or 2-flowered, bracteoles absent

Inflorescence: spike, terminal

Calyx: tubular, split on 1 side

Corolla: longer than calyx, shorter or equalling calyx

Corolla lobes: lateral lobes connate to claw of labellm for about 1/2 thier length, concave

Labellum: apex lobed or cleft or concave or emarginate, reflexed

Stamens or staminodes: petaloid

Filament: short or absent, erect

Connective: appendage basal and forked

Ovary: 3-loculed, placentation axile, ovules many per locule

Style: filiform or linear

Stigma: margin ciliate

Fruit: globose, dehiscent

Seed: angled, arillate


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