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Taiwan Gramineae | Family List | Poaceae

Dimeria R. Br., Prodr. 204. 1810.


Annuals or perennials; culms hollow, glabrous. Ligule short, truncate; blades linear, acute, higher short. Inflorescence a solitary spike-like raceme, or composed of several such racemes. Spikelets solitary, subsessile, alternate along the abaxial side of a tough, keeled rachis, usually with short-hairy bases, falling off entirely, usually awned; glumes herbaceous; lower glumes narrow, conduplicate-keeled, 1- nerved; upper glume usually wider and often slightly longer; lower lemma small, often conduplicate, thinly membranous, nerveless; lower palea wanting; upper lemma convex or keeled, thinly membranous, 1-nerved, apex 2-toothed or 1-lobed, with geniculate awn from sinus or muticuous; upper palea small or wanting; lodicules 2, very small or wanting; stamens 2, with short filaments and small anthers; styles 2, free, short. Caryopsis. linear, compressed laterally, free, embraced by the lemma. About 40 species distributed in Mascarine Islands, Indo-Malaysia, Polynesia and Australia.

Two species are occasionally found in Taiwan


1 Anthers 1/2 as long as the spikelet; leaves sericeous on both surfaces   Dimeria falcata
+ Anthers minute; leaves if hairy, only on margins   Dimeria ornithopoda

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