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Taiwan Gramineae | Family List | Poaceae

Festuca L., Sp. Pl. 1: 73-76. 1753.


Festuca takasagoensis
leaf cs section

Credit: cs kuoh

Perennial; leaf-blades sometiomes flat but mostly rolled to filiform. Pancile open or contracted. Spikelts 2-several-flowered; upper glume 3-nerve, membranous to herbaceous; lemma membranous to tingly coriaceous, rounded on back at least towards base, acute to shortly awned; floret callus and rhachilla glabrous; palea keels somewhat scaberulous; stamens 3; ovary sometime hairy on top. Hilum linear, rarely oblong.

Species ca. 450. Temperate regions throughout the world, extending through tropics on mountain tops.

Hills, plains and meadows. Most species provide good grazing.


1 Blades 6-15 mm wide, anthers 3-4(-6) mm long.   (2)
+ Blades up to 5 mm wide, anthers less than 3 mm long.   (3)
2 (1) Spikelets 1-2-flowered   Festuca formosana
+ Spikelets 3-10-flowered or more   Festuca arundinacea
3 (1) Blades flat to plicate, if margin incurved not strongly involute, 2-12 mm wide.   (4)
+ Blades flat to plicate, if margin incurved not strongly involute, 2-12 mm wide.   (6)
4 (3) Lowest lemma 3-4 mm long, muticous   Festuca japonica
+ Lowest lemma 4.5-7 mm long, awned   (5)
5 (4) Lemma subcoriaceous, margins inrolled, 3-nerved   Festuca parvigluma
+ Lemma chartaceous, 5-nerved   Festuca takasagoensis
6 (3) Culms base erect, new shoots all intra-vaginal.   Festuca ovina
+ Culms bse asending or decumbent, new shoots partially extra-vaginal   Festuca rubra

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