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Taiwan Gramineae | Family List | Poaceae

Garnotia Brongn., Voy. Monde. 2(2): 132-133, pl. 21. 1830.


Perennials or annuals; culms hollow; leaf sheaths long-persistent; ligule often deciduous, covered with tubercule-based hairs. Inflorescence a more or less contracted panicle. Spikelets pedicelled, articulate with pedicel, narrowly lanceolate, 1-flowered; rachilla tough, not produced, shortly stipitate below lemma or not; glumes about equal, acute or very shortly bidentate, awned or muticous, thinly membranous, prominently 3-nerved, flat or grooved along midnerve; lemma as long or.slightly shorter than the glumes, firmer, the margins broadly involute, glabrous, 1-3-nerved, acute or shortly bidentate, with slender, straight or flexuous, seldom geniculate and twisted awn; palea as long as lemma or slightly shorter, with 2 inflexed flaps at base; lodicules 2, thin; stamens 3, the anthers linear; ovary glabrous, the styles 2, free, short. Caryopsis free, oblong or linear.

About 30 species distributed in Eastern Asia, Northeastern Australia and Pacific Islands.

One species, G. acutigluma grows on the littoral regions of Taiwan.

Lower Taxon


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