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Taiwan Gramineae | Family List | Poaceae

Paspalidium Stapf

類雀稗 屬

Paspalidium punctatum

Credit: CC Hsu

Perennials; clums decumbent and stout. Leaf sheaths glabrous; ligule very short, ciliate; blades linear. Inflorescence composed of spike-like racemes, alternately palced along a rather wider main axis, which merges into a terminal raceme, usually longer than lateral racemes immediately below it; lateral racemes erect and appressed to main axis, with a flattened axis, abaxial side with a zigzag keel. Spikelets solitary, alternate along keel, very regularly 2-seriate, close together, elliptic, acute, nearly flat abaxially, comvex on ventral side, unawned, 2-flowered, articulate with very short pedicels; upper spikelet usually poorly developed; glumes shorter than spikelet; lower lemma as long as spikelet, 5-7-veined; glumes and lower lemma thin; lower palea with broad, inflexed margins or absent; upper lemma as long as spikelet or slightly shorter, acuminate, in older spikelets chartaceous, distinctly tuberculate or rugose, with incurved margins; upper palea of same texture, embraced by margins of upper lemma; lodicules 2; stamens 3; styles 2, free, stigmas plumose, exserted near apex. Caryopsis plano-convex.

About 40 species throughout tropics. Two species in Taiwan.


1 Culms 1-2 mm thick; basal margin of blade with long hairs; ligule 0.2 mm long, with short cilia nearly same length of ligule   Paspalidium flavidum
+ Culms 4-10 mm thick; basal margin of blade not with long hairs; ligule 0.25 mm long, with long cilia nearly 10 times length of ligule.   Paspalidium punctatum

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