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Taiwan Gramineae | Family List | Poaceae

Paspalum Linn.

雀稗 屬

Paspalum scrobiculatum

Credit: CC Hsu

Perennials, culms with fibrous roots or rhizomatous, stoloniferous or not. Leaf blade flat or with involute margins. Inflorescence composed of (1-) 2-numerous spike-like racemes, racemosely arranged on all sides of main axis; rachis of racemes keeled on abaxial side. Spikelets alternate along keels, solitary or in unequally pedicelate pairs, usually crowded, articulate with pedicles, suborbicular to oblong, dorsally compressed, flat or concave on abaxial side, convex on adaxial side, 2-flowered, with lower lemma on abaxial side; lower glume usually absent, minute when present; upper glume and lower lemma as long as spikelet or upper glume rarely shorter, herbaceous, with or wihtout a midvein with 1-3 marginal vein on either side; lower palea absent; upper lemma chartaceous-coriaceous with inrolled margins embracing upper palea, with 3-7-faint vein; upper palea as long and of same texture as upper lemma, with a flat 2-veined back and membranaceous inflexed margins; lodicules 2 , cuneate; stamens 3, anthers linear; ovary glabrous, styles 2, free, stigmas exserted at or below middle of spikelet. Caryopsis tigthly enclosed between indurat upper palea and lemma, dorsally compressed, hilum punctiform, embryo more than 1/2 as long as caryopsis.

A large genus of ca. 250 species distributed in warm lands. In tropical America they form a large proportion of the pasture lands. Many of them are good fodders. Thirteen species on the plains of Taiwan.

1 Racemes 2, opposite or subopposite, rarely 3 or more, then upper two opposite or subopposite; spikelets acute.   (2)
+ Racemes 3 or more, alternate; spikelets obtuse.   (5)
2 (1) Upper glume pubescent.   (3)
+ Upper glume glabrous.   (4)
3 (2) Racemes 6-12 cm long; upper glume with a marginal fringe of relatively long white hairs (1-2 mm long) framing spikelets   Paspalum conjugatum
+ Racemes 2-6 cm long; upper glume appressed pubescent   Paspalum distichum
4 (2) Spikelets solitary   Paspalum vaginatum
+ Spikelets paired, at least in middle of racemes   Paspalum virgatum
5 (1) Upper glume with a marginal fringe of relatively long white hairs (1.5-2 mm long) framing spikelets.   (6)
+ Upper glume wihtout such a frame.   (7)
6 (5) Racemes 3-7; spikelets 3-4 mm long   Paspalum dilatatum
+ Racemes more than 10; spikelets 2-3 mm long.   Paspalum urvillei
7 (5) Spikelets fimbriate   Paspalum fimbriatum
+ Spikelets not fimbriate nor boradly winged.   (8)
8 (7) Sheaths and blades villous or hirsute.   (9)
+ Sheaths and blades glabrous or nearly so.   (11)
9 (8) Racemes more than 10.   Paspalum paniculatum
+ Racemes 3-6.   (10)
10 (9) Axils of racemes with a tuft of hairs   Paspalum thunbergii
+ Axils of racemes without a tuft of hairs.   Paspalum commersonii
11 (8) Spikelets paired, 4-rowed, more or less with short hairs   Paspalum longifolium
+ Spikelets solitary, 2-rowed, glabrous.   (12)
12 (11) Spikelets ca. 2 mm long, orbicular.   Paspalum orbiculare
+ Spikelets 2-3 mm long, broadly elliptic   Paspalum scrobiculatum

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