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Taiwan Gramineae | Family List | Poaceae

8. Poa L.


CH Chen and CS Kuoh

Poa nankoensis

Credit: CC Hsu, 1975 Taiwan Grasses

Perennial, ±species annual; sometimes dioecious; leaf-blades flat or setaceous. Panicle open or contrated. Spikelets 2-several-flowered; upper glume nearly always 3-nerved; lemmas herbaceous or membrnous often with hyaline margins which tend to inflex at maturity, keeled throughout, the keel glabrous or sometimes ciliate, 5--nerved but occasionally the intermediate nerves obscure or obsolescent, obtuse to acute, awnless; floret callus often with a web of fine cottony hirs, the rhachilla glabrous; palea keels scaberulous to sstiffly ciliolate; stemens 3, rarely 1; ovary glabrous. Hilum round to oval.

Cool temperate regions throughout the world, extending through the tropics on mountain tops.

Species ±500. . Habitat variable, but typically meadowland from sea level to above tree line. The genus includes many valuable forage species. The weedy ephemeral P. annua is probably the most cosmopolitan of all grass species.

LITERATURE Rajbhandari, K.R. 1991. A revision of the genus Poa L. (Gramineae)in the Himalaya. In H. Ohba & S.B. Malla (Eds.), The Himalayan Plants 2: 169--263. Soreng, R.J. 1991. Systematics of the 'Epiles' group of Poa (Poaceae). Syst. Bot. 16: 507--528. Veldkamp, J.F. 1994. Poa L. (Gramineae) in Malesia. Blumea 38: 409--457.

1 Lower glumes 1-nerved.   (2)
+ Lower glumes 3-nerved.   (6)
2 (1) Upper glumes sharp at apex.   (3)
+ Upper glumes acute-obtuse at apex.   (4)
3 (2) Lemmas villous on nerves; caryopsis villous at apex.   Poa nankoensis
+ Lemmas glabrous on nerves; caryopsis with no hairs at apex   Poa takasagomontana
4 (2) Callus web-haired; inflorescence a loose panicle.   Poa tenuicula
+ Callus not web-haired; inflorescence an open panicle.   (5)
5 (4) Ligule rounded-shaped.   Poa annua
+ Ligule triangular-shaped.   Poa acroleuca
6 (1) Callus web-haired; paleas blunt at apex.   (7)
+ Callus not web-haired; paleas acute at apex.   Poa taiwanicola
7 (6) Inflorescence a loose panicle.   Poa formosae
+ Inflorescence a narrow panicle   Poa sphondylodes var. kelungensis

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