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Taiwan Gramineae | Family List | Poaceae

Setaria Beauv.


Setaria palmifolia

Credit: CC Hsu

Annuals or perennials; culms tufted, sometimes stoloniferous. Ligule divided into hair-like slips or ciliate; baldes linear to lanceolate, with a broad or attenuate base and acute tip, usually flat, sometimes conduplicate or inrolled, sometimes longitudinally plicate. Inflorescence an all-side branched, open or contracted panicle or spike-like raceme. Spikelets all or in part subtended by one or more setae at base; bristles scabrid, persistent after spikelets have fallen off; spikelets articulate with short pedicel, ovateelliptic- oblong, flat or faintly convex at one side, strongly convex at other side, totally glabrous, muticuous, 2-flowered; glumes with widely embracing base, herbaceous, often with anastomosing veins; lower glume on flat side of spikelet, short, 1-5-veined; upper glume larger, 5-9-veined; lower lemma as long as spikelet, 5-8-veined, herbaceous; upper lemma equally long, strongly convex, 5-veined, distinctly transversely rugose-tuberculate, coriaceous; stamens 3; ovary glabrous; style 2, free, stigmas plumose. Caryopsis free, enclosed between upper palea and lemma, plano-convex, the embryo 1/2-3/5 as long as caryopsis, hilum punctiform, basal. .

About 140 species in tropics and subtropics. Nine species in Taiwan.

1 Panicle contracted, cylindrical; blades not plicate.   (2)
+ Panicle loosely open; blades folded, fan-fashion between longitudinal veins.   (8)
2 (1) Lower palea distinctly shorter than lower lemma or reduced; sheath margins hairy.   (3)
+ Lower palea as long as lower lemma; sheath margins glabrous.   (6)
3 (2) Main axis of panicle serrulate; bristles retrosely barbed.   Setaria viridis
+ Main axis of panicle hairy; bristles antrosely barbed.   (4)
4 (3) Upper glume 2/3-3/4 length of spikelet.   Setaria faberii
+ Upper glume subequal to spikelet.   (5)
5 (4) Glumes and lower lemma persistent; cultivated   Setaria italica
+ Glumes and lower lemma falling off together with upper floret; wild   Setaria viridis
6 (2) Spikelets 3-4 mm long; bristles golden-color   Setaria glauca
+ Spikelets 2-2.8 mm logn; bristles purplish brown   (7)
7 (6) Plant not rhizomatous, annual or biennial   Setaria geniculata
+ Plant not rhizomatous, annual or biennial   Setaria pallide-fusca
8 (1) Blade 3-7 cm wide; upper floret ovate, obscurely rugose.   Setaria palmifolia
+ Blade 1-3 cm wide; upper floret narrowly ovate, transversely rugose   Setaria plicata

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