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Taiwan Gramineae | Family List | Poaceae

Thuarea Pers.


Thuarea involuta
leaf cs section

Credit: cs kuoh

Perennials; culms solid, prostrate branching into numerous short erect flowering culms. Leaf blade small, expanded, Inflorescence a solitary, terminal, shortly pedicelate, short, spike-like secund raceme, before anthesis wrapped-up in uppermost leaf, consisting of very short sheath and spathaceous blade; rachis broad, convex, on hollow side with row of spikelets, lower 1-2 bisexual, upper 2-6 staminate. Bisexual spikelet 2-flowered, persistent; lower glume adaxial, minute, hyaline or 0; upper glume and lower lemma ca. equal, ovate-oblong, obtuse, thinly membranaceous, soft-hairy; lower palea membranaceous, 2-veined, often slitting deeply; lodicules 2, minute; stamens 3; upper palea and lemma thinly chartaceous, glabrous with hairy apex; upper lemma ovate-oblong, margins inrolled, 5-veined; upper palea 2-veined; lodicules and stamens like in lower floret; styles 2, free; stigma plumose, protruding apically. Staminate spikelets 2-flowered, articulate with knob shaped pedicel, soon deciduous after anthesis; lower glume adaxial, absent or minute and hyaline; upper glume and lower lemma ca. equal, oblong, obtuse, soft-hairy; lower palea thinly membranaceous, 2-veined, often deeply slit; stamens 3; upper palea oblong with broadly inflexed margins, soft-hairy at apex.

Two species, Madagascar to China and Polynesia. One species in Taiwan.

Lower Taxon


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