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Taiwan Gramineae | Family List | Poaceae

Tripogon Roem. & Schult., Syst. Veg. 2: 34, 600. 1817.


Tripogon chinensis

Credit: CC Hsu, 1975 Taiwan Grasses

Annuals or perennials; culms tufted; ligule thinly membranous, ciliate flat, convolute or setaceous. Inflorescence a terminal solitary spike. Spikelets alternate along rachis, with lower glumes against rachis, sometimes strongly secund, sessile, laterally compressed, numerous-flowered, 1-2 uppermost florets barren or staminate, lower bisexual; rachilla breaking up above glumes and often also between lemmas; callus shortly pilose; glumes shorter than lemmas, distant, persistent, hyaline, with strong midnerve; lower glume acute and with one margin notched, lobed, winged, or obtuse; upper glume acute or with short awn; the apex entire or shortly lobed; lemmas mostly remote, ovate with rounded back, 2-lobed and with a straight awn from sinus, or 4-lobed and then all the lobes or only the outer lobes also awned, 3-5-nerved; paleas 2-nerved; lodicules 2, small; stamens 1-3; styles short, free, the stigmas plumose. Caryopsis free, oblong, terete or trigonous, glabrous.

About 20 species distributed in tropical Africa and Asia.

Only one species, T. chinensis is found in Taiwan,

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