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Taiwan Gramineae | Family List | Poaceae | Axonopus

Axonopus affinis Chase, J. Wash. Acad. Sci. 28: 180. 1938;. Hsu, Fl. Taiwan 5: 527. 1978.


Axonopus affinis
leaf cs section

Perennials; culms compressed, stoloniferous; flowering culms slender, glabrous, forming dense mats when growing in poor soils or when closely grazed by cattle. Leaf blade linear-oblong-obtuse, 10- 18 cm long, 3-5 mm wide, folded along midrib; sheaths compressed and strongly keeled; ligule a minutely fimbriate membrane. Racemes 2-4, 3-8 cm long, ascending. Spikelets oblong-elliptic, subacute, margins silky pilose, ca. 2 mm long; lower glume absent; upper glume as long as spikelet, slightly mucronate, 4-veined, midvein absent; lower lemma nearly as long as upper glume, margins silky pilose, 2-veined; upper floret ovate-obtuse, coriaceous, slightly shorter than spikelet; stigma purple; caryopsis elliptic-oblong, compressed, dark-colored.

TAIPEI: Chyngtiangang, Liou 16799. TAINAN: Hsinhua, Hsu 1534.

Native to tropical America. Naturalized in Tatunshan, northern Taiwan, forming wide meadows.

midrib 中肋: (la)large:several vascular bundles

leaf surface 表面: (fla)flat surface

sclerenchyma 厚壁組織: (noscl)no except large vein

chlorenchyma 葉綠組織: (radia)cells radiate and lesser than
bundle sheath cell in width

bundle sheath 維管束鞘: (sk)single bundle sheath with
conspicuous chloroplast

buliform cells not well developed 泡狀細胞不發達: (smreg)epidermal cells gradually enlarge
from vein to intervein

chlorenchyma cell number between two adjacent veins: 2

chloroplast form in bundle sheath 束鞘細胞內之葉綠體型式: (out)large amount and in centrifugal site

mestome sheath 內束鞘細胞: (Xyms -)metaxylem pole adjacent with
outer bundle sheath

distance between two adjancent vein 脈間距: 70 micrometer

length/weidth ratio of bundle sheath in LS 束鞘細胞縱面長寬比: 3

chlorenchyma cell shape in LS 葉綠細胞縱面形狀: lobed


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