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Taiwan Gramineae | Family List | Poaceae | Dimeria

Dimeria ornithopoda Trin., Fund., Agrost. 167. pl. 14. 1820. Hsu, Fl. Taiwan 5: 640. 1978; Koyama, Grass. Jap. Neighb. Reg. 391. 1987.


Culm slender, about 40 cm tall. Blade linear, 10-13 cm long by 3 mm wide, basal part sparingly covered with tubercled hairs; ligule about 1 mm long, chartaceous, ciliated at the apex. Inflorescence of 2 one-sided racemes. Spikelets solitary, about 3 mm long, laterally compressed; rachis continuous, scabrid on margins; lower glume chartaceous, linear-lanceolate, about 2.8 mm long, laterally compressed, keeled, 1-nerved; upper glume chartaceous, Ianceolate, 1-keeled, margins membranous, fimbriate, as long as the spikelet; lower lemma minute, membranous, 1-nerved, about 1 mm long, linear, upper part ciliate; upper lemma lanceolate, hyaline, 1-nerved, about 2 mm long, aristate, the awn about 5 mm long, flexuous. Caryopsis cylindrical, about 1.6 mm long; embryo about 1/3 the length of the caryopsis.

TAIPEI: Shihlin, Odashima 17844. TAOYUAN: Shimada 2676A.

Distributed in India, China, Japan, and extending to Australia.


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