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Poa nankoensis Ohwi, Acta Phytotax. Geobot. 2:. 165. 1933; Keng, F. Ill. Pl. Prim. Sinicarum, Gram. 218. f. 173. 1959; Hsu in Taiwania 16: 244. 1971; Hsu, Taiwan Grass. 333. pl. 62. 1975; Hsu in Li, H. L., T. S. Liu, T. C. Huang, T. Koyama and C. E. DeVol, eds. Fl. Taiwan 5: 449. 1978.


Poa nankoensis

Credit: CC Hsu, 1975 Taiwan Grasses

plant duration: perennials

culms :habit: ascending

culms :height (cm): 16-40 cm

culms :diameter (mm): 1.5-2 mm

leaf-blades shape: linear

leaf-blades :length (cm): 6-16 cm

leaf-blades :width (mm): 1-4 mm

leaf-blades :apex: acuminate

sheath: not compressed

ligule:texture: membranaceous

ligule :shape: rounded

ligule :length (mm): 1-2 mm

inflorescence:shape or type: open panicle

inflorescence :length (cm): 5-13 cm

spikelets:number of florets: 2-4

spikelets:shape: lanceolate

spikelets :length (mm): 5-6 mm

spikelets :width (mm): 2-3 mm

pedicel vestiture: hispid, minutely hispid

lower glume shape: lanceolate, narrowly lanceolate

lower glume :length (mm): 3.5-4 mm

lower glume :number of nerves: 1

upper glume shape: broadly lanceolate, elliptic

upper glume apex: sharp

upper glume :length (mm): 3-5

upper glume :number of nerves: 3

florets :length (mm): 4-5 mm

lemma:texture: chartaceous

lemma:shape: ovate-lanceolate, elliptic

lemma:length (mm): 4-5 mm

lemma :number of nerves: 5

lemma :vestiture on nerves: nerves villous

palea :shape: narrowly lanceolate

palea :apex: blunt, acute

palea :length (mm): 3-4 mm

palea :number of nerves: 2

palea :vestiture on nerves: minutely hispid

callus: cobwebby

anthers:length (mm): 1 mm

caryopsis:shape: ellipsoid

caryopsis :length (mm): 2 mm

caryopsis :apex: villous

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