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Hydrocharitaceae A. L. de Jussieu

Aquatics growing in or on water, Aquatic submerged, Aquatic emergent, Aquatic leaves floating, Aquatic fresh water, Aquatic marine, Herbaceous, Annuals, Perennials

Rhizomes, Stolons or runners, Sap clear

Leaves - petiolate, Leaves - sheathing at base, Leaves - sheath open, Leaves - simple, Leaves - cauline, Leaves - basal (rosette), Leaves - alternate, Leaves - opposite, Leaves - whorled, Leaves - 2-ranked (distichous), Leaves - spiral, Leaves - linear or filiform (grass-like), Leaves - blade broad, Leaves - venetion parallel, Leaves - soft, Leaves - margins entire

terminal, lateral or axillary, bracteate, scapose, flowers solitary, cymes, umbels, verticellate in whorls, subtended by large spathe (leaf-like bract), Flowers sessile, Flowers pedicellate

Flowers unisexual, Plants dioecious, Flowers bisexual, Perianth present, Perianth absent, Flowers minute barely visible, Flowers small, Flowers large and showy, Flowers 3 merous, Flowers actinomorphic, Floral bracteoles present

Sepals distinguishable from petals, Sepals green, Sepals separate

Petals 3, Petals mostly separate, Petals white (to pinkish)

Stamens 2, Stamens 3, Staminodes present

Carpels separate (apocarpous), Carpels united, Carpels 3, Carpels many, Ovary inferior, Styles 1, Stigma terminal capitate or trilobed, Locules 1, Placentation parietal, Placentation laminar

Fruit - capsule, Fruit - berry

Seeds - few (2-10) per locule, Seeds - numerous per locule, Seeds - minute dust-like, Seeds - lacking tuft of hair, Seeds - surface +/- smooth, Seeds - round or ellipsoid


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