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Monocot Plants | Family List

Iridaceae A. L. Jussieu

Terrestrial, Herbaceous, Annuals, Perennials

Rhizomes, Bulbs, Corms, Sap clear

contracted, rounded, solid

Leaves - sheathing at base, Leaves - sheath open, Leaves - sheath closed, Leaves - simple, Leaves - cauline, Leaves - basal (rosette), Leaves - alternate, Leaves - ensiform (sword-shaped), Leaves - unifacial, Leaves - 2-ranked (distichous), Leaves - spiral, Leaves - linear or filiform (grass-like), Leaves - blades plicate, Leaves - venetion parallel, Leaves - soft, Leaves - succulent, Leaves - margins entire

terminal, bracteate, flowers solitary, cymes, subtended by large spathe (leaf-like bract), bracts brown membraneous, Flowers pedicellate

Flowers bisexual, Perianth present, Flowers small, Flowers large and showy, Flowers 3 merous, Flowers actinomorphic, Floral bracteoles present

Tepals 6 (Sepals indistinguishable from petals)

Petals 6, Petals mostly separate, Petals white (to pinkish), Petals yellow, Petals blue to purple, Petals orange to red, Petals brownish

Stamens 3, Stamen filaments hairy

Carpels united, Carpels 3, Ovary inferior, Styles 3 or 3-branched, Style winged petaloid, Stigma lateral, Locules 3, Placentation axile

Fruit - capsule

Seeds - few (2-10) per locule, Seeds - numerous per locule, Seeds - lacking tuft of hair, Seeds - surface +/- smooth, Seeds - surface rough or ribbed, Seeds - round or ellipsoid, Seeds - angulate, Seeds - compressed or flattened, Seeds - arillate, Seeds - black (phytomelan)


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