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Gonystylus Teijsm. & Binn.

Growth form: Erect shrub or tree

Internodes: Unswollen

Leaf arrangement: Alternate, distichous, or subopposite

Marginal vein(s): Absent or inconspicuous

Inflorescence type: Solitary or fasciculate, Thyrsoid (merge with Paniculate?), Paniculate, Racemose [merge with what?]

Flowers: Hermaphroditic

Flower shape: Cupular

Floral tube at anthesis (if present): Unarticulated

Androecium type: Stamen number twice sepal number, Stamen number more than twice sepal number

Staminal whorls: Stamens in +/- one whorl, Stamens in two whorls or more

Stamen number: 8-80

Anther shape: Horseshoe shaped

Ovary carpel number: 2-8

Style position (if present): Terminal or eccentric

Fruit type: Dehiscent

Fruit locule number [and/or seed number???]: 2-5

Distribution: Asia, Oceanic islands

Sepal number: 4-5

Flower symmetry: Symmetrical

Anther dehiscence: Not applicable

Leaf shape: Expanded, if linear herbaceous, e.g. drapetes?

Disk: Absent

Petaloid appendages (not equivalent to true petals in Tepuianthus): Present

Peduncles: Present

Inflorescence position: Axillary, Terminal

Stylodia/parastyles: Present, Absent

Leaf puncticulations: Present

Staminal tube: Absent

Venation type and course (when visible) [SECONDARY VS TERTIARIES, E.G. RHAMNONEURON: Brochidodromous, veins arcuate, Penninerved, veins +/- parallel

Pedicel: Present

Ovary: Sessile or subsessile

Petaloid appendage shape (if present): Forming an annular ring, Scaly (sometimes glandular)

Style aspect in flower (if present): Contorted

Leaf symmetry: Symmetrical

Lenticels: Absent

Tendrils/twining branches or inflorescence axes: Absent

Petaloid appendage position (if present): Inserted at or near the base of the receptacle (for cupular flowers only)

Life cycle: Perennial

Bracts/bracteoles: Present

Bract type (if present): Single per flower and/or small and caducous?

Seed number: 1-5

Petals: Absent

Seed coat (if fruits capsular): Glabrous


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