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Alstonia R. Br.


Description from Flora of China

Blaberopus A. de Candolle; Winchia A. de Candolle.

Trees or shrubs, latex present. Branches whorled, mostly 4 or 5 together. Leaves whorled, rarely opposite; lateral veins numerous, ending in a marginal vein. Cymes terminal, usually 1-5 in thyrses or compound umbels, terminal. Flowers white, yellow, or pink. Calyx without glands inside, lobes connate at base. Corolla salverform, tube cylindric, dilated in distal half, pubescent inside, lobes overlapping to right or left. Stamens included, inserted near or above middle of corolla tube; anthers ovate, free from pistil head, not caudate; disc absent or of scales. Ovaries 2, distinct or connate, ovules numerous. Follicles 2, free or connate. Seeds oblong or linear, long bearded at both ends; endosperm thin; cotyledons up to twice as long as radicle.

About 60 species: tropical Asia, Africa, C America, N Australia, Pacific Islands; eight species in China.

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