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Grewia chuniana

Description from Flora of China

Shrubs. Old branches dark brown, glabrous; branchlets densely rust-brown tomentose. Stipules subulate, 5-6 mm; petiole 3-5 mm, densely tomentose; leaf blade oblong-lanceolate, 7-11 × 3-4 cm, leathery, abaxially densely gray-brown stellate tomentose, adaxially sparsely hairy, base rounded or obliquely shallowly cordate, margin serrulate, apex acuminate. Cymes 3-flowered; peduncle 1-1.2 cm, tomentose. Pedicel 5-7 mm, tomentose. Bracts subulate, ca. 5 mm. Sepals 5-6 mm, abaxially densely tomentose, adaxially glabrous. Petals ca. 2.5 mm; glands scalelike, enclosed by ring of long hairs. Stamens many, shorter than sepals, slightly longer than petals. Ovary hairy; style as long as sepals; stigma many-lobed. Drupe 2-4-lobed; drupelets 1 per lobe. Fl. Aug-Sep.

This species is similar to Grewia hirsuta but differs in having leaf blades that are gray-brown, not yellowish brown, stellate tomentose, and not blackened when dried, and longer cymes: peduncle 10-12 mm, not 3-7 mm.

● Coastal scrub. Hainan.


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