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Acanthaceae A. L. Jussieu

woody plants, herbaceous plants

important diagnostics
spiny stems or leaves, cystoliths present

glandular, stellate, 2-armed or T-shaped, non-glandular, branched

African, Asian, Australian and Oceanian, European, North American, South American

leaf: position
opposite or verticillate

leaf: nature
not compound

leaf: venation
pinnate or hardly visible in leaves or leaflets.

with entire margin, lobed or divided, dentate

leaf: epidermis
epidermis of leaf papillose

leaf: glands/ligule
with pellucid or glandular dots or lines

leaf: stipules

spike, simple, sympodial, compound, sympodial or monopodial

flower: sexuality

flower: symmetry
zygomorphic or irregular

flower: receptacle

flower: disc

flower: perianth number
5, 7+

flower: perianth nature
perianth of similar segments, perianth of calyx and corolla

flower: sepal number
0, 3, 4, 5

flower: sepal position
all free from one another, connate

flower: sepal nature
sepals imbricate or contorted, sepals valvate

flower: petal number

flower: petal position
petals connate, petals imbricate

flower: petal nature
petals contorted

stamen: number
2, 4, 5

stamen: anthers
dorsifixed or ventrifixed, basifixed, introrse, extrorse, opening by longitudinal slits, 1-locular at anthesis

stamen: filaments
inserted on the corolla, not connate, connate into separate bundles

stamen: other characters
anthers with a conspicuous appendage, staminodia present

pistil: style
style 1, or styles more or less connate

pistil: carpel

pistil: ovary

pistil: ovule
1 in each loculus, 2 in each loculus, 3+ in each loculus

ovules parietal, carpels connate, ovules axile, carpels connate, ovules attached to the central axis or ventrally in apocarpae

fruit: type
a capsule, fleshy

fruit: seed
2 seeds, 3+ seeds

seed: embryo

seed: endosperm
seeds without endosperm, seeds with endosperm


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