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Cotoneaster of Nepal         Search

Cotoneaster (Rosaceae) of Nepal.

Character List

1: plant: habit [Unordered List]

2: leaf: persistence [Unordered List] 3: stem: posture [Unordered List] 4: plant: height (cm tall) [Real Number]
5: stem: branchlet: color [Unordered List] 6: stem: branchlet: indumentum: type [Unordered List] 10: leaf: petiole: length (mm) [Real Number]
11: leaf: blade: shape [Unordered List] 12: leaf: blade: length (cm long) [Real Number]
13: leaf: blade: width (cm wide) [Real Number]
14: leaf: blade: length: width ratio [Real Number]
15: leaf: texture [Unordered List] 17: leaf: blade: abaxial surface: indumentum type [Unordered List] 19: leaf: blade: adaxial surface: indumentum type [Unordered List] 21: leaf: blade: base [Unordered List] 23: leaf: blade: apex [Unordered List] 24: inflorescence: type [Unordered List] 25: petal: color [Unordered List] 26: inflorescence: flowers: number [Integer]
27: petal: posture [Unordered List] 30: pedicel: length (mm) [Real Number]
33: hypanthium: indumentum: type [Unordered List] 36: stamens: number [Integer]
37: anthers: color [Unordered List] 39: fruit: color [Unordered List] 40: fruit: shape [Unordered List] 41: fruit: diam. (mm) [Real Number]
42: nutlets: number [Integer]
43: flowering [Unordered List] 44: fruiting [Unordered List] 45: distribution: elevation (m) [Real Number]


Acknowledgments: For the Flora of Nepal Project.

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