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FNA | Family List | FNA Vol. 14 | Solanaceae

2. Atropa Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 1: 181. 1753; Gen. Pl. ed. 5, 85. 1754.

Belladonna [Greek atropos, inexorable or unchangeable, alluding to one of the three Moirai, goddesses of fate and destiny in Greek mythology]

Zheng Li
Michael A. Vincent

Herbs, perennial, rhizomatous, glabrous or pubescent. Stems branching. Leaves alternate (someĀ­times geminate). Inflorescences axillary, solitary flowers. Flowers 5-merous; calyx accrescent, campanulate, 5-lobed, lobes acute to acuminate, widely flaring in fruit; corolla yellow or purple, radial, campanulate, lobes flaring to reflexed; stamens inserted at base of corolla tube, equal; anthers basifixed, ovate, (basally lobed), dehiscing by longitudinal slits; ovary 2-carpellate; style arched, curved; stigma capitate. Fruits berries, globose, fleshy. Seeds globose-reniform. x = 12.

Species 3 (1 in the flora): introduced; Europe, w, c Asia, n Africa; introduced also in South America.

Lower Taxon


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