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4. Catopsis Grisebach, Flora of the British West Indian Islands. 599. 1864.

Harry E. Luther;Gregory K. Brown

Herbs, epiphytic, without evident stems. Leaves many-ranked, rosulate; blade linear to triangular, base usually with chalklike bloom, margins entire, appressed-scaly. Inflorescence central, 5--many-flowered, always many-ranked, simple or compound, flowers laxly arranged; floral bracts small, inconspicuous, not obscuring rachis. Flowers bisexual in flora or functionally unisexual; sepals distinct, strongly asymmetric; petals distinct; stamens included, usually in 2 unequal sets, filaments free; ovary superior. Capsules ovoid to ellipsoid, dehiscent. Seeds with light tan to brown, apical, plumose appendage.

Species 18 (3 in the flora): Fla.; West Indies; Mexico; Central America; South America.

1 Inflorescence 3--10-flowered, pendent; corolla bright yellow, nocturnal   1 Catopsis nutans
+ Inflorescence 15--50-flowered, erect to pendulous; corolla white, diurnal.   (2)
2 (1) Leaves yellow-green, covered with conspicuous, white, chalky powder; floral bracts 6--8 mm   2 Catopsis berteroniana
+ Leaves bright green, not covered with conspicuous, white, chalky powder; floral bracts 4--5 mm   3 Catopsis floribunda

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