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30. Chamaebatia Bentham, Pl. Hartw. 308. 1849.

Mountain misery [Greek chamai, low, and batos, bramble, alluding to habit]

James Henrickson

Shrubs, 1–12(–20) dm, ˂herbage strongly aromatic˃. Stems 3–20+, sparsely branched; bark gray or reddish brown, smooth; long shoots present. Leaves persistent, 2–3-odd-pinnately compound; stipules persistent 1st year, deciduous with leaf base 2d year, linear-subulate, margins entire, ˂sometimes stipitate-glandular˃; petiole present; blade obovate to obtrullate or lance-elliptic in outline, (2.8–)3.5–7(–9.4) cm, leathery, surfaces hirtellous; pinnae 8–17 per side, oblong to oblong-obovate, pinnately or 2-pinnately divided; ultimate segments oblong-obovate to obovate or obliquely obovoid, margins entire. Inflorescences terminal, (1–)2–7(–10)-flowered, corymbs or panicles; bracts present; bracteoles present. Pedicels present. Flowers 10–19 mm diam.; hypanthium funnelform-turbinate, 3–6 mm diam., exterior hairy, usually stipitate-glandular; sepals 5, reflexed, deltate; petals 5, caducous, white, orbiculate, ˂base short-clawed, margins erose-undulate, apex often retuse˃; stamens 35–65(–76), shorter than petals; torus absent; carpels 1(or 2), sessile, stigmas lateral. Fruits achenes, 1, subglobose, 3–5.5 mm, smooth; hypanthium persistent; sepals persistent, erect. x = 9.

Species 2 (2 in the flora): California, nw Mexico.

Molecular data support inclusion of Chamaebatia with Cercocarpus, Dryas, and Purshia in subfam. Dryadoideae. Chamaebatia differs from the other genera in its sessile carpels and smooth, rounded fruit wall with a mesocarp of macrosclereids. Vegetative and floral similarities to Chamaebatiaria (subfam. Amygdaloideae) are perplexing.

1 Leaf blades obovate to obtrullate, 3-pinnately compound; terminal leaflet lobes each with terminal short-stipitate gland.   1 Chamaebatia foliolosa
+ Leaf blades lance-elliptic, 2–3-pinnately compound; terminal leaf lobes each with terminal sessile or embedded gland.   2 Chamaebatia australis

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