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1. Harperocallis McDaniel, J. Arnold Arbor. 49: 36, figs. 1, 2. 1968.

Harper’s beauty [for Roland MacMillan Harper, 1878–1966, southeastern American botanist, and Greek kallos, beautiful, alluding to the attractive flower]

Frederick H. Utech & Loran C. Anderson

Herbs, perennial, from slender, nodose rhizomes with scarious scale leaves. Stems erect, simple, bracteate; bracts 2–5, much reduced, widely spaced, chaffy. Leaves basal, equitant, simple, sheathing; blade unifacial, striate, stiff; sheath margin scarious. Inflorescences terminal, erect, 1-flowered, bracteolate; bracteoles (2–)3(–4), in epicalyx, distinct, deltate-rhombic, small. Flowers: tepals persistent, 6, spreading, erect in fruit, distinct, oblanceolate, apex acute; stamens 6, hypogynous; filaments distinct; anthers basifixed, linear-lanceolate, with short appendages, introrse; gynoecium 3(–6)-carpellate, distally apocarpous; ovary superior, sessile, tuberculate; intercarpellary nectary present; styles 3(–6), slightly recurved; stigmas capitate. Fruits capsular, ellipsoid, prominently tuberculate, subtended by persistent tepals, dehiscence septicidal, then adaxially loculicidal. Seeds pale yellow, narrowly fusiform, straight or curved, short-appendaged at both ends. x = 15, 16.


Godfrey, R. K. [1979.] Endangered: Harper’s beauty. In: D. B. Ward, ed. [1979.] Rare and Endangered Biota of Florida. Vol. 5. Plants. Gainesville. Pp. 32–33. McDaniel, S. 1968. Harperocallis, a new genus of the Liliaceae from Florida. J. Arnold Arbor. 49: 35–40. Utech, F. H. 1993. Floral vascular anatomy of Harperocallis flava McDaniel and its systematic relationship within the Tofieldieae (Liliaceae). [Abstract.] In: International Botanical Congress. 1993. Abstracts. XV International Botanical Congress. Congress Center of Pacifico Yokohama, Japan, August 28 to September 3, 1993. [Tokyo.] P. 207.

Lower Taxon


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