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1. Hechtia Klotzsch, Allgemeine Gartenzeitung. 3: 401. 1835.

Kathleen Burt-Utley ;John F. Utley

Herbs, terrestrial or among or on rocks, caulescent or without evident stems, occasionally stoloniferous. Leaves rosulate, straight to falcate; blade narrowly triangular, margins spinose. Inflorescences lateral [terminal or lateral], many-flowered, simple or compound and paniculate; branches capitate to lax and elongate; floral bracts broad [broad to narrow], conspicuous. Flowers dimorphic, functionally unisexual, staminate and pistillate on different plants; sepals distinct, symmetric; staminate petals distinct or appearing briefly connate basally from adnation of filaments to adjacent petals; stamens included or exserted; filaments adnate [free or adnate] to petals; pistillate petals distinct, triangular or ovate; ovary largely superior to largely inferior. Capsules ovoid, dehiscent. Seeds narrowly winged to almost wingless, plumose appendages absent.

Species ca. 50 (2 in the flora): North America, Mexico, Central America.

The Texas species are unusual in their scaly capsules and flowers with scaly sepals, petals, and ovaries.


Burt-Utley, K. and J. F. Utley. 1987. Contributions toward a revision of Hechtia (Bromeliaceae). Brittonia 39: 37--43.

1 Staminate flowers with sepals 2.5--4 mm, petals 3.5--4.5 mm; pistillate flowers with sepals 3--4 mm, petals 4.5--5 mm; capsules 6--8.5   1 Hechtia glomerata
+ Staminate flowers with sepals 4.5--5 mm, petals 7.5--9 mm; pistillate flowers with sepals 4.5--7 mm, petals 7.5--9 mm; capsules 8.5--12.5 mm   2 Hechtia texensis

Lower Taxa


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