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2. Jacquinia Linnaeus, Fl. Jamaic. 27. 1759.

Cudjoe-wood [For Nicolaus Joseph von Jacquin, 1727-1817, Austrian botanist]

R. David Whetstone, Richard P. Wunderlin

Shrubs or trees, resin canals absent. Stems erect, much-branched; young branches lepidote, hairs irregularly branched, thick-walled. Leaves alternate, sometimes pseudoverticillate; blade oblong-obovate to spatulate, base attenuate, margins entire, apex obtuse to rounded or retuse, mucronate or mucro absent, surfaces glabrous, punctate. Inflorescences terminal [axillary] racemes, 4-30(-40)-flowered, pedunculate. Pedicels present, bracteate. Flowers: sepals distinct; corolla white or cream, darkening to yellow with age, salverform or short-campanulate, lobes shorter to longer than tube, apex rounded to acute; stamens borne at base of corolla tube; filaments distinct; anthers at first aggregated around stigma and style, later spreading; staminodes borne at apex of corolla tube, petaloid; stigma capitate, lobed. Berries orange-red or red, ovoid or globose, apex apiculate. Seeds 2-8, brown or light brown, oblong to elliptic, subglobose, alveolate, completely covered by placental tissue. x = 18.

Species 13 (2 in the flora): Florida, Mexico, West Indies, Central America, South America.

Bonellia, with a total of 22 species, was until recently included in Jacquinia. We follow B. Ståhl and M. Källersjö (2004) in treating them separately here.

SELECTED REFERENCE Ståhl, B. 1995. A synopsis of Jacquinia (Theophrastaceae) in the Antilles and South America. Nordic J. Bot. 15: 493-511.

1 Leaves alternate or indistinctly pseudoverticillate, blade 1-4.5 × 0.5-2.5 cm, petiole puberulous-lepidote.   1 Jacquinia keyensis
+ Leaves usually distinctly pseudoverticillate, blade 3-8(-12) × 1.5-5 cm, petiole glabrous or sparsely puberulous.   2 Jacquinia arborea

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