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15. Leucophysalis Rydberg, Mem. Torrey Bot. Club. 4: 365. 1896.

[Greek leucos, white, and genus Physalis, alluding to large, white corolla and resemblance]

John E. Averett†

Herbs, annual or perennial, from fleshy or subligneous taproot, variously pubescent. Stems erect or ascending, branched, (stems and branches striate, sometimes angled). Leaves alternate or geminate. Inflorescences axillary, solitary flowers or clusters of 2–4. Flowers 5-merous; calyx accrescent, campanulate, lobes 5, broadly triangular, exceeding or just shorter than berry, not inflated in fruit; corolla cream-white to pale yellow, radial, rotate, weakly lobed; stamens inserted near base of corolla throat, equal, (shorter than style); anthers basifixed, oblong, dehiscing by longitudinal slits; ovary 2-carpellate; style slender, straight, slightly curved; stigma blunt. Fruits berries, globose to ovoid, fleshy. Seeds flattened, reniform. x = 12.

Species 2 (2 in the flora): North America.

Leucophysalis consists of two species: L. grandiflora occurring from Alberta to Quebec and adjacent states in the United States and L. nana occurring in California, Nevada, and Oregon. The northern distribution is unusual among related Solanaceae.

The relationships of the two species and of the genus were more fully discussed by J. E. Averett (2009).

SELECTED REFERENCE Averett, J. E. 2009. Taxonomy of Leucophysalis (Solanaceae, tribe Physaleae). Rhodora 111: 209–217.

1 Plants annual, erect, 3–9 dm; stems pubescent, hairs glandular and simple; fruiting calyces exceeding berries   1 Leucophysalis grandiflora
+ Plants perennial, spreading, mounds to 2.5 dm; stems strigose-hispidulous; fruiting calyces not or rarely exceeding berries   2 Leucophysalis nana

Lower Taxa


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