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2. Limnanthes R. Brown, London Edinburgh Philos. Mag. & J. Sci. 3: 71. 1833.
[name conserved]

Meadowfoam [Greek limne, marsh, and anthe, flower, alluding to habitat]

Nancy R. Morin

Stems decumbent, erect, or ascending. Leaves usually pinnately lobed or compound; leaflet blade linear, lanceolate, elliptic, ovate, narrowly obovate, or oblong, margins entire or deeply lobed. Pedicels erect. Flowers: sepals (4 or) 5, ovate, obovate, lanceolate, linear-lanceolate, or lanceolate-ovate; petals (4 or) 5, usually longer than sepals; nectary glands at base of antisepalous stamens; stamens 8 or 10; ovary 4 or 5-lobed. Fruits nutlets, obovoid or subglobose, smooth, ridged, or tuberculate. x = 5.

Species 7 (7 in the flora): w North America.

SELECTED REFERENCES Hauptli, H. H., B. D. Webster, and S. K. Jain. 1978. Variation in nutlet morphology in Limnanthes. Amer. J. Bot. 65: 615-624. Kesseli, R. V. and S. K. Jain. 1987. Origin of gynodioecy in Limnanthes. Theor. Appl. Genet. 74: 379-386. Mason, C. T. 1952. A systematic study of the genus Limnanthes R. Br. Univ. Calif. Publ. Bot. 25: 455-512.

Key to Sections:

1 Petals flexed outward (reflexed) as fruits mature.   2a Limnanthes sect. Limnanthes, p. 175
+ Petals flexed inward (curving over fruit) as fruits mature.   2b Limnanthes sect. Inflexae, p. 179

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