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4. Myurella Schimper in P. Bruch and W. P. Schimper, Bryol. Europ. 6: 39, plate 560. 1853. • [Greek myos, mouse, and oura, tail, alluding to appearance of branches].

Dale H. Vitt

Plants threadlike, pale green, yellow-green, or glaucous green. Stems simple to irregularly branched; paraphyllia absent. Leaves erect to wide-spreading, imbricate or widely spaced, round to ovate; margins erect, subentire, serrulate, or spinose-dentate; apex obtuse, acuminate, or apiculate; costa single, double, short, weak, or almost ecostate; alar cells not differentiated; laminal cells rhomboidal, faintly prorulose to strongly 1-papillose abaxially, walls firm. Capsule erect to nearly horizontal, cylindric, symmetric.

Species 9 (3 in the flora): nearly worldwide except Antarctica.

Species of Myurella are small, slender plants of calcareous rock shelves and calcareous moist soil, mostly in boreal and arctic zones. The capsules are smooth.

1 Laminal cells 1-papillose abaxially.   2 Myurella sibirica
+ Laminal cells faintly prorulose abaxially   (2)
2 (1) Leaves imbricate, erect; apices rounded-obtuse to occasionally short-apiculate.   1 Myurella julacea
+ Leaves distant, erect to spreading; apices shortly acuminate-apiculate.   3 Myurella tenerrima

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