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4. Odontosoria Fée, 5: 325. 1852.

Wedgelet fern [Greek odous, tooth, and soros ; the sori are at the tips of toothed segments]

Karl U. Kramer

Sphenomeris Maxon, J. Wash. Acad. Sci. 3: 144. 1913

Plants terrestrial or on rock, not forming colonies. Stems creeping on substrate surface, mostly short; hairs brown, jointed (grading into long, narrow scales with uniseriate tip), not clathrate. Leaves closely spaced to quite distant, erect to arching, narrowly oblong [triangular, ovate, to irregularly shaped], 10--50 cm [to 6 m]. Petiole glabrous or with a few basal scales, stem buds absent, vascular bundles 1. Blade 3--4-pinnate [2--5-pinnate, sometimes scandent or climbing], ± glabrous [some species with spines on petiole, midrib, or costae]; rachises without prickles; nectaries absent. Segments nearly dichotomously divided; ultimate segments linear to cuneate, margins entire or bifid. Veins free, simple or forked. Sori terminal near blade margin on single vein or on commissure joining 2--8 veins, ± spheric to transversely elongate, indusia attached at base and sides, opening toward margin. Spores tetrahedral to nearly globose, or oblong, trilete or monolete, smooth or granulate. x = 38, 47.

Species 22 (1 in the flora): mostly tropical.


Kramer, K. U. 1957. A revision of the genus Lindsaea in the New World with notes on allied genera. Acta Bot. Neerl. 6: 97--290.

Lower Taxon


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