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FNA | Family List | FNA Vol. 20 | Asteraceae | Pyrrocoma

2. Pyrrocoma carthamoides Hooker, Fl. Bor.-Amer. 1: 307, plate 107. 1803.

Large-flower goldenweed

Haplopappus carthamoides (Hooker) A. Gray

Plants 5–50 cm. Stems 1–4, erect or ascending to decumbent, reddish, leafy, villous. Leaves: basal (in rosettes) petiolate, blades lanceolate to oblanceolate or spatulate, 50–200 × 5–40 mm, margins usually spinulose-serrate, sometimes entire, ciliate, apices acute, faces puberulent; cauline sessile, blades linear-lanceolate, 40–100 × 5–15 mm, reduced distally, faces glabrous or villous-hispid, eglandular. Heads usually borne singly, terminal, sometimes 2–3 in racemiform arrays, subtended by leaflike bracts. Peduncles 1–5 cm. Involucres turbinate to campanulate, 10–20 × 15–35 mm. Phyllaries in 3–5 series (± loose), linear-lanceolate to oblong, 10–20 mm, unequal, bases tapering, margins spinulose-serrate, ciliate, apices occasionally recurved, acute, mucronate, faces puberulent. Ray florets 0 or 1–30; corollas yellow, 2–7 mm (not surpassing involucres). Disc florets 25–50; corollas 9–14 mm. Cypselae subcylindric, 3–5.5 mm, 4-angled, faces striate or smooth, glabrous; pappi tawny, 6–9 mm.

Varieties 3 (3 in the flora): w North America.

Pyrrocoma carthamoides is recognized by its erect, leafy, and villous stems, hispidulous leaves and phyllaries, and large, usually single heads with somewhat loose phyllaries. The ray florets are usually reduced but sometimes are lacking altogether.

1 Phyllary apices broad, truncate, abruptly muc-ronate, mucro usually recurved   2c Pyrrocoma carthamoides var. subsquarrosa
+ Phyllary apices acute to acuminate, mucro erect   (2)
2 (1) Involucres hemispheric, 20–35 mm wide; phyllaries ± overlapping, broadly oblong to obovate   2a Pyrrocoma carthamoides var. carthamoides
+ Involucres campanulate or turbinate, 15–20 mm wide; phyllaries loose, scarcely overlap-ping, lanceolate   2b Pyrrocoma carthamoides var. cusickii


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