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1. Acrocomia totai Martius in A. D. d’Orbigny, Voyage dans l'Amérique Méridionale. 7(3): 78. 1844; 8(1): plate 9, fig. 1. 1842.

Stems armed with spines 12--13 cm. Leaves ca. 4 m; segments glabrous abaxially. Fruits brownish green, globose, 2--3 cm diam., brownish green.; endocarp globose, brown, bearing 3 germination pores. Seeds: eophyll undivided.

Flowering in the summer. Woodlands and hammocks; 0--30 m; introduced; Fla.; native, to South America.

Acrocomia totai is sparingly naturalized in central Florida in Brevard County (B. Peterson 1991b), as well as in Dade County in the vicinity of Miami.

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