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FNA | Family List | FNA Vol. 23 | Cyperaceae | Fuirena

6. Fuirena simplex Vahl, Eclog. Amer. 2: 8. 1798.

Fuirena cylindrica Bush; F. obtusiflora Vahl; F. primiera M. E. Jones; F. schiedeana Kunth; F. squarrosa Michaux var. macrostachya Britton; F. zacapana Bartlett

Herbs annual or perennial, mostly cespitose; rhizomes present or absent, if present without cormose buds. Culms tufted or widely spaced, erect to leaning, culm tips hispid-hirsute, internodes glabrous proximal to inflorescence. Leaves: sheaths at culm base or apex sometimes hairy, sheaths at or toward midculm usually glabrous; principal blades linear or lance-linear, flat, 5–20 cm, hispid-ciliate, abaxially hispid, pilose, or glabrous, adaxially glabrous to pilose. Inflorescences of spikelets in clusters 1–3(–5). Spikelets ovoid, lance-ovoid, or cylindric, 8–15(–20) mm, apex acute; fertile scales obovate or oblong, 2–3.5 mm; cusp spreading-excurved, 2/3 or more length of scale; evident ribs 5–7, central 3 convergent to cusp. Flowers: florets 2–3 mm; perianth bristles reaching base of perianth blades or beyond, retrorsely barbellate (sometimes with narrow blades); perianth blades with long claw, ovate, rounded or retuse, rarely acute, apically or subapically bristled, bristle erect or incurved, short to elongate, retrorsely scabridulous; anthers 1–3, 0.5–1.2 mm. Achenes: stipe and beak nearly as long as fruit; body angles pale, faces deep glossy brown, red-brown, or yellow, 1 mm; beak tip narrow, usually papillose.

Varieties 2 (2 in the flora): North America, Mexico, West Indies, Central America, n South America.

1 Plants perennial; anthers 0.9–1.2 mm.   6a var. simplex
+ Plants rhizomatous, usually annual; anthers 0.5– 0.6 mm.   6b var. aristulata

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