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2. Schkuhria pinnata (Lamarck) Kuntze ex Thellung, Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 11: 308. 1912.

Pectis pinnata Lamarck, J. Hist. Nat. 2: 150, plate 31. 1792; Schkuhria anthemoidea (de Candolle) J. M. Coulter; S. anthemoidea var. wislizeni (A. Gray) Heiser; S. anthemoidea var. wrightii (A. Gray) Heiser; S. virgata (La Llave & Lexarza) de Candolle; S. wislizeni A. Gray; S. wislizeni var. frustrata S. F. Blake; S. wislizeni var. wrightii (A. Gray) S. F. Blake

Plants (10–)25–40(–70+) cm. Stems usually strictly erect. Leaves mostly 10–25(–40) mm; blades linear or lobed (lobes 3–7+, linear to filiform), faces scaberulous (hairs ± conic, 0.1 mm) and gland-dotted. Peduncles mostly (3–)8–25(–30+) mm. Involucres obconic or obpyramidal, 4–6+ mm (each often subtended by 1–3, lanceolate bractlets). Phyllaries 4–6, green to purple, weakly carinate, oblanceolate to obovate, gland-dotted, otherwise usually glabrous. Ray florets usually 1(–2), sometimes 0; corollas yellow to white, laminae 0.8–1.2+ mm. Disc florets 2–6(–8+); corollas yellow (sometimes with purple), 1.5–2 mm. Cypselae blackish to buff, 3–4 mm, hirsutulous to villous, especially on angles; pappi of 8 white to tawny or purplish, obovate-rounded or elliptic to lanceolate scales 1–2.5 mm (sometimes some or all ± aristate). 2n = 20, 22, 40.

Flowering Sep–Oct. Roadsides, pastures, wooded slopes; 1500–2100 m; Ariz., N.Mex., Tex.; Mexico; Central America; South America.

Schkuhria pinnata has been noted as persisting after plantings in Maine. Schkuhria pinnata (Lamarck) Kuntze var. wislizeni (A. Gray) B. L. Turner is a superfluous, illegitimate, name intended to refer to North American plants of S. pinnata.


Turner, B. L. 1996. Taxonomy and nomenclature of Schkuhria pinnata (Asteraceae, Helenieae). Phytologia 79: 364–368.


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