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3. Braya humilis (C. A. Meyer) B. L. Robinson in A. Gray et al., Syn. Fl. N. Amer. 1(1,1): 141. 1895.

Sisymbrium humile C. A. Meyer in C. F. von Ledebour, Icon. Pl. 2: 16. 1830; Neotorularia humilis (C. A. Meyer) Hedge & J. Léonard; Torularia humilis (C. A. Meyer) O. E. Schulz

Plants not scapose; sparsely to densely pubescent throughout, or, rarely, glabrescent, trichomes short-stalked or subsessile, submalpighiaceous or, rarely, 2-forked, often mixed along petioles and stem base with simple ones. Stems usually few to several from base, rarely simple, ascending or erect, rarely subdecumbent, (0.4-)0.8-2.5(-3.5) dm. Basal leaves: blade obovate, spatulate, oblanceolate, oblong, or sublinear, (0.3-)0.5-2 (-3.5) cm × 1-8(-10) mm, base attenuate or cuneate, margins entire, sinuate-dentate, or pinnatifid, apex acute or obtuse, (surfaces sparsely to densely pubescent or, rarely, glabrous). Cauline leaves: 3 or more; blade similar to basal, smaller distally, distalmost sessile or subsessile. ( Racemes bracteate proximally, very rarely throughout, elongated in fruit.) Fruiting pedicels erect, ascending, or divaricate, (2.5-)3-8(-12) mm. Flowers: sepals 2-3 × 0.8-1.2 mm, (sometimes slightly saccate basally); petals white, pink, or purple, (broadly obovate or spatulate), 3-5(-8) × (1-)1.5-2.5(-4) mm, (apex rounded); filaments 2-3(-4) mm; anthers oblong, 0.4-0.7 mm, (apex apiculate). Fruits linear, torulose or not, (mostly straight), (0.9-)1.2-2.5(-3.2) cm × 0.6-1.8(-2) mm (uniform in width); valves pubescent or, rarely, glabrescent, trichomes submalpighiaceous, rarely mixed with fewer, simple ones; septum fenestrate or not; ovules 20-44 per ovary; style 0.3-0.8(-1) mm; stigma entire or strongly 2-lobed. Seeds uniseriate, oblong, 0.6-0.9 × 0.4-0.5 mm.

Subspecies 4 (4 in the flora): North America, e, c Asia.

1 Fruits (1-)1.2-1.8(-2) mm wide, not or weakly torulose; stems unbranched, ascending (prostrate in fruit).   3b Braya humilis subsp. ellesmerensis
+ Fruits 0.6-1.2(-1.3) mm wide, usually somewhat torulose; stems unbranched or branched, ascending to erect   (2)
2 (1) Petals 2.5-6.9(-7.5) mm; fruits usually fertile and fully developed; leaf blade margins often sinuate-dentate, pinnatifid, or entire.   3a Braya humilis subsp. humilis
+ Petals (4.4-)4.9-6.9(-7.2) mm; fruits often abortive; leaf blade margins entire or sinuate-dentate, not pinnatifid   (3)
3 (2) Leaves and stems glabrescent or moderately pubescent.   3c Braya humilis subsp. maccallae
+ Leaves and stems densely pubescent.   3d Braya humilis subsp. porsildii

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