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11. Streptanthus cordatus Nuttall in J. Torrey and A. Gray, Fl. N. Amer. 1: 77. 1838.

Cartiera cordata (Nuttall) Greene; Erysimum cordatum (Nuttall) Kuntze; Euklisia cordata (Nuttall) Rydberg

Perennials; (caudex simple or few-branched); (glaucous), usually glabrous, (petioles of basal leaves pubescent, sometimes sepals). Stems un-branched or branched, (1-)3-9(-11) dm. Basal leaves rosulate; petiolate (petioles broadly winged, setose-ciliate); blade usually spatulate to obovate, rarely narrowly oblanceolate, 1.5-8(-11) cm, margins dentate (at least distally). Cauline leaves: blade broadly oblong to ovate, suborbicular, or lanceolate, 2-9 cm × 7-45(-60) mm, (smaller distally), base auriculate to amplexicaul, margins entire or toothed, (apex rounded, obtuse, or acuminate to acute). Racemes ebracteate, (lax). Fruiting pedicels divaricate-ascending, (straight), 3-11(-14) mm. Flowers: calyx campanulate; sepals greenish brown to purple, (broadly oblong), 5-12 mm, (lateral pair subsaccate basally), not keeled, (glabrous or subapically bristly); petals purple to brownish, (claw purplish), 9-15 mm, blade 2-6 × 0.7-1 mm, (recurved or not), margins not crisped, claw 7-10 mm, wider than blade; stamens in 3 unequal pairs; filaments (distinct): abaxial pair 5-7 mm, lateral pair 4-5 mm, adaxial pair 7.5-10 mm; anthers (all) fertile, 2.5-5 mm; gynophore 0.5-1.5 mm. Fruits ascending to divaricate-ascending, smooth, straight, flattened, 5-10.5(-14.5) cm × (2.5-)3-6(-7) mm; valves each with prominent midvein; replum straight; ovules 20-38(-46) per ovary; style 0.2-3 mm; stigma subentire to strongly 2-lobed. Seeds broadly oblong to suborbicular, 2.5-5 × 2.2-5 mm; wing 0.1-0.9 mm wide, continuous.

Varieties 2 (2 in the flora): w United States.

1 Basal leaf blades obovate to spatulate, apices obtuse or rounded; cauline leaf blades broadly oblong to ovate or suborbicular, apices rounded to obtuse.   11a Streptanthus cordatus var. cordatus
+ Basal leaf blades narrowly oblanceolate, apices acuminate; cauline leaf blades lanH:ceolate, apices acuminate or acute.   11b Streptanthus cordatus var. piutensis

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