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2. Braya glabella Richardson in J. Franklin et al., Narr. Journey Polar Sea. 743. 1823.

Braya alpina Sternberg & Hoppe var. glabella (Richardson) S. Watson

Plants scapose; sparsely to densely pubescent, trichomes simple, 2- or 3-forked. Stems simple or few to several from base, ascending or erect, rarely decumbent to prostrate, (0.1-)0.3-1.7(-2.3) dm. Basal leaves: blade (often somewhat fleshy), linear-oblanceolate to broadly spatulate, (0.4-)0.8-6(-7.9) cm × (0.3-)0.6-4(-6) mm, base (membranous), broadly expanded near point of attachment, margins usually entire, sometimes weakly dentate with 1 or 2 teeth per side, apex obtuse, (often with a tuft of long, simple hairs, surfaces sparsely to moderately pubescent). Cauline leaves 0 or 1 (or a leaflike bract subtending proximalmost pedicel). ( Racemes elongated or not in fruit.) Fruiting pedicels ascending-erect to divaricate, (0.9-)1.9-7.5(-8.6) mm. Flowers: sepals (1.6-)1.9-3.7 × (0.7-)1-2 mm; petals white or purplish (broadly obovate or spatulate), (2.1-) 2.4-4.5(-4.7) × (0.7-)1-3(-3.2) mm, (apex rounded); filaments 1.7-2.2 mm; anthers oblong, 0.3-0.5 mm. Fruits oval-elliptic, oblong-elliptic, oblong, or oblong-lanceoloid, sometimes slightly torulose, (straight or somewhat curved), (0.3-)0.5-1.2(-1.5) cm × (0.8-)1.1-3 (-3.6) mm; valves sparsely to densely pubescent or glabrous, trichomes simple or 2 (or 3)-forked; septum margin not expanded or not basally; ovules (5-)16-20 per ovary; style (0.3-)0.5-1.8(-2) mm; stigma entire or strongly 2-lobed, (narrow or broad). Seeds biseriate, oblong, (0.7-)0.9-1.6 × 0.4-0.8(-0.9) mm.

Subspecies 3 (3 in the flora): n North America; Asia.

1 Fruits oblong to narrowly oblong-lanceoloid, 3.5-8.3 times as long as wide; racemes often loosely elongated in fruit.   2a Braya glabella subsp. glabella
+ Fruits oval-elliptic to oblong-elliptic, rarely broadly oblong-lanceoloid, 2.5-3.7 times as long as wide; racemes not elongated in fruit, often compact   (2)
2 (1) Stems decumbent to prostrate, sometimes weakly ascending; leaf blades not fleshy, to 6 mm wide; fruits 0.8-1.2 cm; styles 0.8-1.8 mm.   2b Braya glabella subsp. prostrata
+ Stems ascending to erect; leaf blades often fleshy, to 4 mm wide; fruits 0.5-1 cm; styles 0.5- 1.2 mm.   2c Braya glabella subsp. purpurascens

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