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2. Noccaea fendleri (A. Gray) Holub, Preslia. 70: 108. 1998.

Thlaspi fendleri A. Gray, Smithsonian Contr. Knowl. 5(6): 14. 1853; T. montanum Linnaeus var. fendleri (A. Gray) P. K. Holmgren

Perennials; (cespitose or not). Stems simple or several from caudex, erect or ascending, unbranched or branched distally, (0.1-)0.4-3.2(-4.5) dm. Basal leaves: petiole 0.4-7.3 cm; blade linear, oblong, oblanceolate, ovate, obovate, or spatulate, 0.4-3 cm × 2-20 mm, base cuneate to attenuate, margins entire, denticulate, or dentate, apex obtuse to acute. Cauline leaves 2-21; blade ovate or suboblong, 0.4-2.8 × 0.1-1.7 mm, base auriculate to subamplexicaul, margins entire or dentate, apex obtuse to subacute. Racemes 0.5-25 cm, (congested or considerably elongated). Fruiting pedicels horizontal to ascending, straight, 2.5-15 mm. Flowers: sepals 1.6-5.3 × 0.5-1.5 mm, (margins membranous); petals white to pinkish purple, (3.4-)4.2-13 × 1-4.9 mm, often flaring between blade and claw, apex obtuse; filaments 2-7.5 mm; anthers 0.5-1 mm. Fruits obovate, obcordate, obdeltate, or elliptic, 2.5-16 × 1.5-9 mm, usually winged, rarely not winged apically, base cuneate, apex obtuse, truncate, or emarginate; ovules 4-10 per ovary; style (0.4-)1.1-4.2 mm. Seeds brown, 1.1-2.1 mm, minutely reticulate.

Subspecies 5 (5 in the flora): w North America, n Mexico.

1 Fruits elliptic, 2.2-3.2 times as long as wide, apices acute; fruiting pedicels strongly ascending to divaricate-ascending, forming 15-70º angle with rachises.   2b Noccaea fendleri subsp. californica
+ Fruits obovate, obcordate, obdeltate, or, rarely, elliptic, 1-2 times as long as wide, apices obtuse, truncate, or emarginate; fruiting pedicels subhorizontal, horizontal, or descending, forming 70-130º angle with rachises   (2)
2 (1) Basal leaf blades linear to narrowly oblanceolate, 1.1-4(-5) mm wide, bases attenuate; central Idaho.   2d Noccaea fendleri subsp. idahoensis
+ Basal leaf blades oblong, ovate, or spatulate, (3.5-)4-20 mm wide, bases cuneate; widespread in Pacific and Mountain states   (3)
3 (2) Seeds 2-4 per fruit; petioles of basal leaves (1.7-)2-3.6(-4) times longer than blades; cauline leaves 2-6; Curry, Douglas, and Josephine counties, Oregon.   2e Noccaea fendleri subsp. siskiyouensis
+ Seeds 4-6 per fruit; petioles of basal leaves 0.6-2.2(-3.3) times longer than blades; cauline leaves 4-16(-21); Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wyoming   (4)
4 (3) Petals pinkish purple or, occasionally, white, (6-)6.5-11(-13) mm; styles (1.8-) 2.5-3.5(-4.2) mm; fruits 7-12(-16) mm; racemes often compact.   2a Noccaea fendleri subsp. fendleri
+ Petals white or, occasionally, pinkish purple, (3.4-)4-7(-8.5) mm; styles (0.4-) 1-2.2(-3) mm; fruits (2.5-)5-8(-12) mm; racemes often lax.   2c Noccaea fendleri subsp. glauca

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