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2. Rosa stellata Wooton, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club. 25: 152, plate 335. 1898.

Hesperhodos minutifolius (Engelmann) Hurst subsp. stellatus (Wooton) Hurst; H. stellatus (Wooton) Boulenger

Shrubs forming dense, low thickets. Stems erect, rarely arching, 2.5–8(–15) dm; distal branches densely pubescent, usually with, rarely without, stellate hairs, rarely glabrous, sometimes densely or sparsely sessile- or stipitate-glandular; infrastipular prickles paired or single, erect, rarely curved, 10–13 × 2.5–6 mm, sometimes with shorter internodal prickles and aciculi 0.5–5 mm. Leaves 2–3 cm; stipules 4–8 × 1–2 mm, margins ± entire, surfaces glabrous or tomentulose, sessile- or stipitate-glandular, sometimes eglandular; auricles obtuse, 2–3 × 1.5–2 mm, surfaces tomentulose, eglandular or glandular; petiole and rachis glabrous or pubescent, sparsely sessile- and stipitate-glandular, aciculi sparse, with or without glands; leaflets 3–5, terminal: petiolule 0.5–2 mm, blade obovate or deltate, 8–18 × 5–13 mm, margins broadly 1- or, rarely, multi-crenate, sometimes 1-serrate, glandular, teeth 3–8 per side on distal 1/2–2/3 of blades, apex acute or rounded, abaxial surfaces pubescent or tomentulose, rarely glabrous, ˂eglandular˃, adaxial dull to lustrous, glabrous or tomentulose. Inflorescences 1(or 2)-flowered. Pedicels 2–16 mm, setae absent or dense or few, ˂to 3 mm, pubescent, rarely glabrous˃, eglandular or stipitate- or sessile-glandular; bracts 0. Flowers 4–5 cm diam.; hypanthium cupulate, 2–5 × 3.5–6(–8) mm, puberulent or glabrous, setae ˂subulate˃, 1–6 mm, eglandular, rarely glandular; sepals erect, 12–20 × 4–5 mm, tip 3–5 × 1–2 mm, ˂lobes lanceolate˃, margins glandular, abaxial surfaces glabrous, basally setose, glandular; petals pink or dark pink, ˂with strong almond fragrance˃, 15–25 × 14–25 mm; stamens 175; carpels 60–110, styles exsert 1–2.5 mm beyond stylar orifice (4–5 mm diam.), rims 1 mm wide. Hips dull red (darkening with age), broadly subglobose or cupulate, 7–13(–18) × (7–)9–16(–18) mm, setae to 4 mm, puberulent or glabrous, stipitate-glandular. Achenes 10–15, dark, ± terete-elongate, 3.5–4.5 × 2 mm.

Subspecies 3 (3 in the flora): sw, sc United States.

1 Leaflets (3–)5; distal branches usually glabrous, rarely with stellate hairs (usually stipitate-glandular); petioles and rachises glabrous or puberulent; se New Mexico, w Texas.   2c Rosa stellata subsp. mirifica
+ Leaflets 3; distal branches tomentose-woolly, with stellate hairs; petioles and rachises pubescent or puberulent, sometimes glabrous; nw Arizona, sc New Mexico   (2)
2 (1) Hypanthia: setae 1–3 mm; terminal leaflets abaxially tomentulose on midveins, otherwise glabrous; sc New Mexico.   2a Rosa stellata subsp. stellata
+ Hypanthia: setae 4–6 mm; terminal leaflets abaxially tomentulose or glabrous; nw Arizona.   2b Rosa stellata subsp. abyssa

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