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30a. Rosa gymnocarpa Nuttall var. gymnocarpa

Wood or baldhip rose

Rosa abietorum Greene; R. helleri Greene; R. leucopsis Greene; R. piscatoria Greene

Stems 3–15(–25) dm. Leaves (2–)4–10(–17) × (1.5–)3–6(–8) cm; stipules 6–15 mm; leaflets (5–)7–9(–11), usually bright green, thin, terminal: petiolule (3–)5–12(–20) mm, blade elliptic to narrowly obovate or ovate, (5–)10–40(–60) × (5–)10–20(–40) mm, apex usually obtuse, sometimes nearly acute or rounded. Pedicels (10–)15–25(–35) mm, stipitate-glandular, rarely eglandular. Flowers 1.5–3 cm diam.; petals 8–15 × 6–13 mm. Hips irregularly ellipsoid or ellipsoid to nearly globose. Achenes (1–)4–10(–13). 2n = 14.

Flowering (Feb–)Apr–Jul. Light shade (rarely full sun) in open woodlands, forest edges, often near streams or rocky sites; 0–2000 m; B.C.; Calif., Idaho, Mont., Oreg., Wash.

The Saanich of southern Vancouver Island consider var. gymnocarpa a spiritual plant, used for bringing strength and ritual protection: by young people at puberty, by new dancers, and for the recently bereaved who have lost close relatives (N. J. Turner, pers. comm.).


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