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5. Oenothera capillifolia Scheele, Linnaea. 21: 576. 1848.

Meriolix capillifolia (Scheele) Small

Herbs perennial (short-lived or, sometimes, suffrutescent) or annual, glabrous or strigillose; from a stout taproot. Stems 1–many, weakly decumbent to ascending or erect, unbranched to moderately branched, (10–)25–80 cm. Leaves 1–9 × (0.1–)0.3–1 cm, sometimes fascicles of small leaves to 2 cm present in non-flowering axils; petiole 0–0.6 cm; blade linear to narrowly lanceolate or oblanceolate, often folded lengthwise, usually not much reduced distally, proximalmost leaves sometimes spatulate, base attenuate, margins subentire or serrulate or spinulose-serrate, apex acute. Flowers opening at sunrise; buds with free tips 0–4 mm; floral tube 5–20 mm; sepals 4–12 mm, midribs keeled; petals yellow, fading orangish to purplish, 6–25 mm; antisepalous filaments 2–8 mm, antipetalous filaments 1–4 mm, anthers 2–7 mm, pollen 90–100% fertile; style 9–30 mm, stigma sometimes blue-black, discoid to quadran­gular, exserted beyond anthers. Capsules 10–35 × 1–2 mm, hard, dehiscent 1/2 their length, often tardily dehiscent throughout their length. Seeds obo­void, 1–1.8 mm, sharply angled, apex truncate.

Subspecies 2 (2 in the flora): c, sc United States, n Mexico.

Oenothera capillifolia is self-incompatible (H. F. Towner 1977).

Oenothera berlandieri (Spach) Steudel 1841, not D. Dietrich 1840, is superfluous and cannot be used in Oenothera when transferred from Calylophus, and pertains here.

1 Stems 1–several, ascending to erect, 30–80 cm; leaves 2.5–9 cm   5a Oenothera capillifolia subsp. capillifolia
+ Stems several–many, decumbent to ascending, (10–)25–40 cm; leaves 1–4 cm   5b Oenothera capillifolia subsp. berlandieri

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