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12c.3. Chorizanthe R. Brown ex Bentham (subg. Amphietes) sect. Fragile Reveal & Hardham, Phytologia. 66: 188. 1989.

Plants spreading to erect. Leaf blades oblanceolate to narrowly elliptic or spatulate. Stems disarticulating at each node. Inflorescences: bracts awned; involucres cylindric, slightly ventricose basally, 3-angled, 6-ribbed, 6-toothed, without membranous or scarious margins; awns equal. Flowers 1; perianth greenish white to white or pale yellowish white, glabrous; stamens 3, adnate at top of perianth tube. Achenes dark brown, lenticular.

Species 2 (1 in the flora): w United States, nw Mexico.

Chorizanthe brevicornu of western North America, and its counterpart in western South America, C. commissuralis J. Rémy, are the most widely distributed members of the genus on their respective continents. The flowering stems and branches easily break apart, often with involucres still firmly attached. Even in this disarticulated condition, young achenes will continue to live and mature. No doubt this is a significant factor in their successful distribution.


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