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12c.1. Chorizanthe R. Brown ex Bentham (subg. Amphietes) sect. Ptelosepala Nuttall, Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia. 4: 17. 1848.

Chorizanthe sect. Anisogonum Roberty & Vautier; C. sect. Eriogonellopsis Roberty & Vautier; C. sect. Herbaceae Bentham ex Goodman

Plants prostrate to spreading or somewhat erect. Leaf blades lanceolate to ovate or spatulate. Stems not disarticulating at each node. Inflorescences: bracts with or without awns. Involucres cylindric, campanulate, or urceolate, occasionally ventricose basally, 3-angled, 6-ribbed, 6-toothed, with or without membranous or scarious margins continuous across sinuses; awns unequal, typically with anterior one longest. Flowers 1; perianth white, yellow, rose, red, maroon, dark purple, or lavender, thinly pubescent; stamens 3-9; filaments adnate at base of floral tube. Achenes light brown to dark brown, lenticular or globose-lenticular.

Species 31 (25 in the flora): w United States, nw Mexico.


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