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163a.7. Solidago Linnaeus (sect. Solidago ) subsect. Maritimae (Torrey & A. Gray) G. L. Nesom, Phytologia. 75: 12. 1993.

Solidago [unranked] Maritimae Torrey & A. Gray, Fl. N. Amer. 2: 211. 1842; Dasiorima Rafinesque; Lepiactis Rafinesque; Solidago [unranked] Integrifoliae de Candolle; Solidago [unranked] Sempervirentes Mackenzie; Solidago subg. Stenactila Rafinesque; Solidago [unranked] Uliginosae Mackenzie; Solidago subsect. Unicostatae A. Gray; Solidago sect. Virgatae Torrey & A. Gray

Leaves: basal usually present (rosettes) at flowering; proximalmost cauline usually present at flowering, petiolate, largest, usually 1 prominent nerve; petioles of basal and proximalmost cauline leaves sheathing stems. Heads in thyrsiform-paniculiform arrays, wand- to club-shaped, sometimes cone-shaped secund, proximal branches arching. Phyllaries not striate, eglandular. Pappus bristles usually in 2, rarely 3 series (shorter, outer setiform scales rarely present, inner weakly clavate).

Species 5 (4 in the flora): North America, Mexico, West Indies, Central America; introduced to Atlantic Islands (Azores).

Plants of subsect. Maritimae are found in bogs and marshes.

1 Distal cauline leaves numerous, large, thick to somewhat fleshy; heads in narrowly to broadly cone-shaped secund arrays, branches secund, proximal arching; maritime coast, Newfoundland to Texas, introduced inland to brackish water habitats, Michigan, Ohio, and Ontario   38 Solidago sempervirens
+ Distal cauline leaves fewer or leaves much reduced, not fleshy to somewhat fleshy; heads in thyrsiform or wand-shaped, sometimes secund arrays, proximal branches usually short, ascending, rarely some much elongated; bogs and marshes, not maritime   (2)
2 (1) Heads 5–25; rays 8–13; discs 20–25; coastal plain bogs, North Carolina, South Carolina   40 Solidago pulchra
+ Heads (15–)25–250+; rays 1–8; discs 6–12; widely distributed   (3)
3 (2) Cauline leaves appressed to ascending, usually 10–20 mm proximal to arrays, quickly reduced distally; arrays usually narrow, elongate thyrsiform, or with a few arching elongate proximal branches, sometimes distally secund or mostly secund in archingstems; coastal plain, North Carolina to Texas, Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico)   39 Solidago stricta
+ Cauline leaves gradually reduced distally, ascending to spreading, usually longer than 20 mm into arrays or to just proximal; arrays narrowly to broadly thyrsiform, not secund, or if pyramidal and secund, then proximal spreading branches not greatly elongate; Newfoundland to n Ontario, s to Georgia and Alabama (in south,mountains and higher piedmont)   41 Solidago uliginosa

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