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163a.5. Solidago Linnaeus (sect. Solidago ) subsect. Glomeruliflorae (Torrey & A. Gray) A. Gray in A. Gray et al., Syn. Fl. N. Amer. 1(2): 145. 1884.

Solidago sect. Glomeruliflorae Torrey & A. Gray, Fl. N. Amer. 2: 197. 1842; Leioligo Rafinesque subg. Breviligula Rafinesque; Solidago ser. Glomeruliflorae (Torrey & A. Gray) O. Hoffmann; Solidago subg. Pleiactila Rafinesque; Solidago [unranked] Axillares Rydberg; Solidago [unranked] Flexicaules Mackenzie; Solidago [unranked] Macrophyllae Mackenzie

Basal leaves sometimes present in rosettes at flowering, proximalmost cauline petiolate, usually withering by flowering, not 3-nerved. Heads in axillary clusters or in terminal thyrsiform arrays, not nodding or secund. Phyllaries sometimes striate, not stipitate-glandular. Pappus bristles usually in 2 series (inner bristles usually moderately clavate).

Species 8 (8 in the flora): e North America (shaded woods and thickets, eastern deciduous forests).


Cook, R. E. 2002. A Biosystematic Study of Solidago Subsect. Glomeruliflorae Torr. & Gray. (Asteraceae: Astereae) in Eastern North America. Ph.D. dissertation. University of Waterloo.

1 Stems and leaf faces densely hairy, leaves spatulate to broadly ovate into arrays (rock houses, Kentucky)   26 Solidago albopilosa
+ Stems and leaf faces glabrous or moderately hairy, distal leaves narrowly lanceolate or narrowly elliptic   (2)
2 (1) Involucres 8–13 mm; ray florets 5+ or more   (3)
+ Involucres (6.5–)7–8 mm; ray florets 5 or fewer   (5)
3 (2) Phyllaries attenuate, subequal, 1-nerved; n Quebec and Labrador to n Ontario, s to Catskill Mountains, New York   28 Solidago macrophylla
+ Phyllaries acute to blunt, unequal, 3–10-nerved (at least inner); high elevation s Appalachian Mountains, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia   (4)
4 (3) Leaves not fleshy; inner and outer phyllaries 3–10-nerved; flowering late August–early September; mid to high elevations, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia   24 Solidago lancifolia
+ Leaves fleshy and rubbery when fresh; inner phyllaries often 3-nerved, outer phyllaries 1-nerved; flowering October; high elevations, North Carolina,Tennessee   27 Solidago glomerata
5 (2) Cypselae glabrous; ray floret 1; Ouachita Mountains, along border of Arkansas andOklahoma   23 Solidago ouachitensis
+ Cypselae sparsely to densely hairy; ray florets (1–)2–5; not restricted to Ouachita Mountains   (6)
6 (5) Stems flexuous; proximal mid cauline leaves petiolate, obovate   25 Solidago flexicaulis
+ Stems straight; leaves sessile, lanceolate to elliptic   (7)
7 (6) Stems arching, glaucous, strongly anthocyanic; heads secund; proximal to midleaves lanceolate, 50–150 × 8–30 mm   21 Solidago caesia
+ Stems erect, not glaucous, weakly or not anthocyanic; heads not secund; proxi-mal to mid leaves broadly lanceolate to elliptic, 36–180 × 10–60 mm   22 Solidago curtisii

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