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163a.3. Solidago Linnaeus (sect. Solidago ) subsect. Thyrsiflorae (A. Gray) A. Gray in A. Gray et al., Syn. Fl. N. Amer. 1(2): 146. 1884.

Solidago sect. Thyrsiflorae A. Gray, Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 17: 190. 1882; Leioligo Rafinesque; Leioligo subg. Doria Rafinesque; Solidago [unranked] Petiolares Rydberg; Solidago [unranked] Petiolatae Mackenzie; Solidago [unranked] Wardianae Rydberg

Leaves: basal withering at flowering, proximalmost cauline leaves short-petiolate, withering at flowering, not as large as proximal and mid-stem leaves, not 3-nerved. Heads in thyrsiform-paniculiform arrays. Phyllaries sparsely to moderately stipitate-glandular, not striate. Pappus bristles usually in 2 series (inner usually moderately to strongly clavate).

Species 5 (3 in the flora): North America, n Mexico.

1 Mid cauline leaves thin, 25–50 mm wide, usually sharply or coarsely toothed, not resinous;phyllaries sparsely stipitate-glandular; s Indiana to e Missouri and adjacent Arkansas   11 Solidago buckleyi
+ Mid cauline leaves firm, thick, 5–30 mm wide, not sharply coarsely toothed (proximal cauline may be toothed), sometimes resinous and/or stipitate-glandular; phyllaries often moderately stipitate-glandular; se, sw United States   (2)
2 (1) Arrays of heads often rounded to somewhat corymbiform, becoming more paniculiform in older shoots, leafy bracts shorter than branches; cypselae ± moderately short-strigose; Arizona, New Mexico, Texas   9 Solidago wrightii
+ Arrays of heads often much longer than broad, not rounded or somewhat corymbiform, leafy bracts often longer than branches; cypselae glabrous or sparsely short-strigose; se United States to central Oklahoma   10 Solidago petiolaris

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