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7b. Rosa Linnaeus subg. Rosa

Leaves (2–)3.5–15(–18) cm; leaflets 3–11(–13), margins usually serrate, rarely deeply incised or broadly crenate, terminal: petiolule (1–)5–20(–40) mm, blade elliptic, lanceolate, oblong, ovate, suborbiculate, obovate, and/or cordate, base not cuneate. Inflorescences corymbs or panicles, commonly solitary or few, 1–16(–50)-flowered. Pedicels: bracts present (absent in sect. Pimpinellifoliae). Flowers: hypanthium globose to depressed-globose, ovoid, oblong, or urceolate, rarely cupulate, obovoid, or hemispheric, glabrous, rarely setose, eglandular or stipitate-glandular; carpels 3–35(–68), styles free or connate, pubescent, sometimes glabrous, stylar orifice 0.5–3(–5) mm diam., rims 0.5 mm wide, hypanthial disc flat or conic. Hips fleshy, rarely leathery, ± setose or not.

Species ca. 135 (31 in the flora): North America, Mexico, Eurasia, n Africa; introduced widely worldwide.

Subgenus Rosa includes seven sections, all represented in the flora area, five only by introduced species.

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