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Diploprora Hook. f.


Epiphytic herbs. Stems, terete or slightly flattened, ascending or pendulous. Leaves distichous, falcatelanceolate, more or less fleshy, articulated with sheath at base. Flowers few, in lateral raceme; sepals subequal, widely spreading, keeled outside; petals narrower than sepals; lip adnate to base of column, sessile, not movable, consisting of a hypochile and an epichile, hypochile concave, broadly cymbiform, fleshy, margin with a thickened raising wall, disc thickened or with a large callus near center, epichile abruptly narrowed into a thin slender tip, ending in 2 narrow lobes; column short; anther terminal, opercular, 2-celled; pollinia 4, in 2 pairs of 1 large and 1 small, waxy, attached by a short stipe to a small viscidium; stigma entire; rostellum short, retuse.

About two species, distributed in the Himalaya, Myanmar, southern China and Thailand. One species in Taiwan.

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