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Petasites Mill.


PENG, Ching-I & CHUNG, Shih-Wen

Petasites formosanus

Credit: HAST

Perennial, paritally dioecious herbs with thick rootstocks. Leaves rosulate, petiolate, cordate, rounded to palmately lobed, palmately veined. Heads in paniculate-corymbs or racemes, radiate, disciform or discoid; staminate heads with functionally staminate central florets and with or without marginal pistillate florets; pistillate heads with tubular, irregularly bilabiate or radiate pistillate florets, usually also with a few sterile central florets. Florets yellow, white, greenish, pink, or purple. Achenes oblong, glabrous. Pappus of many fine bristles.

About 20 species in Eurasia and North America; one species in Taiwan.

Lower Taxa


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