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Gentiana davidii var. formosana (Hayata) T. N. Ho, Fl. Reipubl. Popularis Sin. 62: 103. 1988; Ho & Pringle in Wu et al., Fl. China 16: 40. 1995.


Gentiana formosana Hayata, J. Coll. Sci. Imp. Univ. Tokyo 22: 242. 1906 (Enum. Pl. Form); Hayata, J. Coll. Sci. Imp. Univ. Tokyo 25(19): 167. 1908 (Fl. Mont. Form.); Hayata, Gen. Ind. Fl. Form. 49. 1917. —TYPE: Formosa, in monte Shichiseitonzan, B. Hayata, s. n. 1900. (holotype: TI!). Gentiana fasciculata Hayata, J. Coll. Sci. Imp. Univ. Tokyo 25(19): 165. 1908 (Fl. Mont. Form.); Hayata, Gen. Ind. Fl. Form. 49. 1917.—TYPE: Formosa. Seizan, in montibus Morrison, ad 11707 ped. Alt., S. Nagasawa 624, Nov. 1905 (holotype: TI!). Gentiana atkinsonii var. formosana (Hayata) Yamamoto, J. Soc. Trop. Agr. 8: 70. 1936; Liu & Kuo, Ann. Taiwan Mus. 13: 103. 1970; Liu & Kuo, Bull. Exp. Forest N. T. U. 114:172, pl. 2. 1974; Liu & Kuo in Li et al., Fl. Taiwan 4: 167. 1978. Gentiana davidii auct. non Franch. (1884): Ying, Quart. J. Exp. Forest N. T. U. 3(2): 91. 1989. Gentiana davidii var. fukienensis (Ling) T. N. Ho, Novon 4: 370. 1994; Ho & Pringle in Wu et al., Fl. China 16: 40. 1995. syn. nov. Gentiana fukienensis Ling, Contr. Inst. Bot. Natl. Acad. Peiping 6(4): 217. 1949. —TYPE: China. Fujian: Shanghan, Chutsaotung, southern slope, 1350-1500m, Y. Ling 4604, 20 Oct. 1945 (holotype: PE). syn. nov.

Perennial herbs. Stems almost entire, usually branched in the upper part, ascending, usually caespitose, up to 12 cm tall. Leaves obtuse at apices, uninerve, almost entire along margin; radical leaves linear-lanceolate to narrow lanceolate, 3-6 cm long, 6-8 mm long; cauline leaves usually closely crowded near upper stems, 2.5-4 cm long, sheaths about 2-3 mm long. Flowers sessile, axillary, usually fasciculate on the end of branches; calyx-tube tubuliform, 8-10 mm long, smooth, 5 lobed, the lobes unequal, linear triangle or lanceolate, the 3 shorter lobes about 2-3 mm long, the others 4-10 mm long, the apex acuminate, sinuses truncate; corolla urceolate, light blue, 15-23 mm long, 5 lobed, the lobes ovate-triangular, 3-4 mm long, aristate-acuminate at apices, the sinuses plicate, with 5 short appendages, the appendages broadly triangular. Stamens 5, the anthers narrow, about 2 mm long, the filaments about 15 mm long, attached to the middle part of the corolla-tube. Ovary long-ovoid, 5-7 mm long, with stipe, the stipe 4-5 mm long, style 7-8 mm long, the stigma bifurcate with coiled tips, Capsules oblong to ovate, 8-10 mm long, the stipe 6-8 mm long, 2-valved, dehiscent, the valves almost entire near apices, exserted beyond the persistent corolla. Seeds ovoid, with honeycomb-like supercellular pits, 0.9-1 mm long, 0.6-0.7 mm wide.

TAIPEI CITY: Yangmingshan, elev. ca. 650-750m, C. H. Chen 1204 (TNU); Tatunshan, Kawakami s. n. Jul., 1909 (TAIF); Chihsingshan, Chang 1122 (TAI); same loc., Hsu 3189 (TAI); Tsaoshan, Sasaki s. n. Dec. 30, 1935 (TAI); Menghuanhu, Yang 1378 (TAI); Fuling, Yang 518 (TAI). TAIPEI HSIEN: Peichatienshan, Shie 2077 (TAIF); same loc., Yen 6707 (HAST); Lalashan, Mazuda s. n. Jul. 27, 1918 (TAIF). HSINCHU HSIEN: Yuanyanghu, elev. ca. 1650m, Peng 15157 (HAST); same loc., C. H. Chen 158 (HAST); Tapachienshan, Sasaki s. n. Jul. 19, 1932 (TAI); same loc., elev. ca. 2700-3500m, Chang 2027 (TAI); Kuanwu, Huang 6617 (TAI). MIAOLI HSIEN: Luchangtashan, Fukuyama 3496, s. n. Jul. 11, 1932 (TAI); same loc., Mori s. n. Oct. 7, 1908 (TAIF). TAICHUNG HSIEN: Chikashanchuang to Sanliuchiushanchuang, elev. ca. 2400-3100m, C. H. Chen 1324 (TNU); Tachienshan, Chuang 46 (PPI); Chikashanchung to Sanliuchiushanchung, Huang 7179 (TAI); same loc., Hsu 14642 (TAI); same loc., elev. ca. 2900m, Peng 9619 (HAST); Hsuehshan, elev. ca. 3300-3500m, C. H. Chen 1421 (TNU); Hsiaohsuehshan, elev. ca. 2400m, Huang 10290 (TAI); same loc., Kuo 2184 (NTUF) Pahsienshan, Kanehira s. n. Aug. 18, 1927 (TAIF); same loc., Chuang 2665 (TAI); Anmashan, Huang 1816 (TAI); Wuling farm, elev. ca. 1900-3200m, Wang 3965 (TAI); Nanhutashan, elev. ca. 2600-2800m, C. H. Chen 990 (TNU); same loc., Yamazaki s. n. Aug. 21, 1969 (TAI). NANTOU HSIEN: Nengkaoshan, Mazuda s. n. Aug. 7, 1911 (TAIF); Peitungyenshan, elev. ca. 2000-2100m, C. H. Chen 887 (TNU); Kuantaohsi, Sasao s. n. Nov. 22, 1931 (NCUF); Patungkuan, Suzuki 13317 (TAI); same loc., Lee 25 (HAST); same loc., elev. ca. 2650-3000m, Peng 8199 (HAST); Hohuanshan, Kuo 6906 (TAI); Yunhai to Tienchih, elev. ca. 2360-2860m, Ho 586 (HAST); same loc., elev. ca. 2000m, Huang 1201 (TAI); same loc., elev. ca. 2346-2840m, Kao 5866 (TAI); same loc., Leu & Kuo s. n. Jun. 30, 1959 (NTUF); Shanlinhsi, elev. ca. 1600-1750m, Shen 190 (HAST); Tashuikushan, Sasaki s. n. Oct. 2, 1926 (TAI); Tungpu, Jeng 2880 (TAI); Tsuifeng to Sunghsuehlou, elev. ca. 2500-3100m, Hsu 11096 (TAI); Tsuifeng to Sungkang, Hsu 11096 (TAI); same loc., Hsu 13995 (TAI); Tsuifeng to Meifeng, elev. ca. 2000-2200m, Yang 121 (TAI); Tunyuan to Yunhai, Huang 5678 (TAI); Kuankao to Chungyangchinkuang, elev. ca. 2600-2900m, C. H. Chen 103 (HAST). CHIAYI HSIEN: Alishan to Tungpu, Chang 16377 (PPI); Tatachiaanpu to Paiyunshanchung, elev. ca. 2600-3550m, Hsu 6239 (TAI); Alishan, Chang 16228 (PPI); same loc., elev. ca. 2400m, Kuoh 7483 (TAI); same loc., Ying 1715 (NTUF); same loc., Mori 3649 (TAIF); Yushan, Suzuki 13230, s. n. Jul. 10, 1933 (TAI); same loc., elev. ca. 3200m, Hsu 5138 (TAI); same loc., Kawakamii s. n. Dec. 10, 1908 (TAIF); Tataka, elev. ca. 2800-3200m, C. H. Chen 1401 (TNU); Paiyunshanchung, Huang 4578 (TAI); same loc., elev. ca. 3100m, Hsu s. n. Nov. 19, 1967 (TAI). KAOHSIUNG HSIEN: Kuaiku, Lu 3310 (NCUF); Chuyunshan, elev. ca. 2225-2324m, Ho 897 (HAST); Chishan, Yamamoto s. n. Aug. 12, 1940 (TAI); Kuanshan, elev. ca. 3000m, Fujiyama s. n. Jul. 12, 1935 (TAI). PINGTUNG HSIEN: Hsiaokueihu, Kuo 2370 (NTUF), same loc., Yang 25455 (PPI); Tawushan, Mazuda s. n. Nov. 20, 1918 (TAIF); same loc., elev. ca. 1600-2100m, Huang 13629 (TAI). ILAN HSIEN: Tsuifenghu, elev. ca. 1790m, Lin 60 (HAST); Tayenshan, Ou 2697 (NCUF); same loc., elev. ca. 1400-1800m, Kao 3246 (TAI),(HAST); Taipingshan, elev. ca. 2100m, C. H. Chen 959 (TNU); same loc., Ou 2654 (NCUF); Suzuki s. n. Aug. 5, 1928 (TAI); same loc., Kao 4799 (HAST); Nanshan to Chiliting, elev. ca. 1200-2550m, Hsu 5874 (TAI). HUALIEN HSIEN: Kuanyuan, Lu 1218 (NCUF); Tayuling, elev. ca. 2600m, Chuang 4433 (TAI); Lintienshan, Kuo 3217 (NTUF). TAITUNG HSIEN: Meinaitienshan, Ou 1955 (NCUF); Takuanshan, elev. ca. 2600-3200m, Peng 11722 (HAST); Litao, Mazuda 1506 (TAI); Chihpen 22th Forest Station, elev. ca. 2000m, Hsu 3309 (TAI).

Distribution and habitat. Southeastern China (Provinces Fujian and Guangdong) and Taiwan. In Taiwan, commonly found on the Central Mountain Range, mostly in exposed places and often on shady grasslands or roadsides from 1,000 to 3,500 m in elevation. Also found at 500 m alt. on mountains near Taipei (in Yangmingshan National Park). Flowering Jun-Oct, Fruiting Jul-Nov.

Notes. The species is easily distinguished from other Taiwanese species by its linear-lanceolate to narrow lanceolate leaves and urceolate corolla. Ho & Pringle (1995) considered that there are two varieties—Gentiana davidii var. formosana (Hayata) T. N. Ho and G. davidii var. fukienensis (Ling) T. N. Ho in Taiwan. The obvious and stable characters to differentiate them is the former with triangular corolla plicae and the latter with truncate corolla plicae (Ho, 1994; Ho & Pringle, 1995). According to authors’ inspecting of Taiwanese specimens in the species, the corolla plicae shapes are somewhat subtruncate to triangular. It can be claimed that there is no definite difference between them. Therefore, it is reasonable to treat them as same variety.


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